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involved. we'll take you live to christian schafer like at hopkins. >> reporter: that's the big concern are the two children, two young children seriously injured in what police are calling a hit-and-run crash in eastern baltimore county at 3:00 this afternoon. look at the video from the scene. you'll see there were three vehicles involved in this crash. a chevy pick up, a taxi cab and another car or red chevy. witnesses say a man and woman got out of the pickup truck and ran away from the scene after the crash. they have not been able to give a description of the people. they are looking for them at this hour. the big concern are two children taken to the emergency room at john hopkins hospital. they were transferred in critical condition. we don't have their age but we are told they are young children injuried in the crash. another adult in the crash taken to hopkins. another adult taken to hopkins bay view. two adults had nonlife-
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threatening injuries. police are looking for the man and woman who ran away from the crash after it happened. no description of them. they are described as a man and woman. if you saw anything or know anything about the crash call baltimore county police. has the idea to stop sex offenders hit a dead end? a system designed to keep us safe by using gps thinks your children will be protected. here's the direction this is headed into tonight. >> reporter: like many states when you are convicted of a sexual predator crime in maryland you must register with
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the state. one lawmaker wants to add more. he wants sexual criminals convicted of first degree rape and sexual abuse of minors to also be tracked by a constant gps monitoring device for as long as they live in maryland. it is the same type of technology that tracks your car in your navigation system. knothole usually track some of these guys for the first 90 days. beyond that we don't. right now in maryland we have a sex offender system that's based upon trust. we trust the sex offenders. i don't think that is probably the best way to go. >> reporter: american civil liberties union opposes the bill saying it will be too cumbersome on law enforcement agencies to keep track of the information. they also feel that gps tracking is an ineffective deterrent. some law enforcements think the lifetime gps device is a good idea. >> many of the people at this
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point are unreachable. they are not simply a threat to commit a new crime, but it is probable they'll recommit. >> we can't keep them in jail forever. certainly that will try to protect our children. it would bridge this delima. >> reporter: one of the potential problems for the bill is who will pay for the device? the state or the offender? each device could cost $2600 per day. >> should sex offenders be forced to wear gps monitoring device? will it protect your children. does the measure go too far? leave your comments at developing is a strange turn of events in the push for marriage for same-sex couples in our state. a house couple was expected to
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vote today. the vote was delayed. many are wondering what happened. kelly swoop is joinin >> reporter: hold up was partly because of baltimore delegate democrat jill carter. she is expected to vote for the measure but wants to give attention to other issues. she reportedly skipped a vote because she wants funding restored to billion baltimore city schools. we are told some of the republican delegates started speaking out against the commit tie chairman as he decided to delay the vote. we'll stay on top of the developing situation and keep you posted. if it makes it to the governor's desk he said he'll sign it. truckers have a delivery today in the form of a message. if the state raises the fuel tax and registration fees the trucking business will be crippled. truckers said they'll be spend $2700 more a year.
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trucks parked their rigs inside of the office building. inside the building was county executives and the mayor. they are all calling for a ten cent gas increase to help plain and the the roads. from the roads to the sky there is a reward tonight for information on whoever pointed a laser at an airplane trying to land at bwi marshall on february 20th. we are told the laser was pointed into the cockpit and damaged the pilot's and first officers eyes. the plane was over old mill road when it went down. fbi and maryland transportation authority police are offering a $5,000 reward for any information. call this information. -- number. there is a push tonight to breed new life into office wood
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lawn and create thousands of job jobs. >> wood lawn is such an point part of our county's economy. there are so many untapped possibilities here. >> the hope is more federal agencies will set up shop in wood lawn as well as private companies that can contract with the fed's. some parents in harford county are likely feeling better tonight then that were when they went to bed last night. looks like big changes are coming for the redistricting plan of schools in harford county. the board changed the boundary line for youth's benefit elementary and fountain green elementary. it will allow students to stay at both schools. final vote is march 14th. we'll let you know what happens.
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real nice looking day of weather out there. lots of sunshine. temperatures seasonle. you can see five sweeps scanning the skies and finding nothing. we are crystal clear up and down the east coast there is not much out there going on weather wise. zoom in here. temperatures have been please santa. 44 in the inner harbor now. 40 annapolis. cooler things off. we find 30s towards cambridge. we'll bounce back tomorrow big time. 53 by noon. 58 by 4:00. down to 52 tonight night. there is a shift in the temperatures coming again. we'll talking about when that happens. they are the most frustrated coal cases of all. case where is not only the killer's name is a mystery but also the victim's. tonight we are looking at jane
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and john doe cold cases. we talked with a detective with three of them in a case load. >> i would love to be able to find out all three of them. i would love to close all three cases and give them names and put them to rest. megan pringle has the story for us tonight at 11:00. this saturday you can watch an abc2 news special. it is cold case special. we'll go back in the cold cases we profiled and speak with detectives dedicating their lives to bring families justice. that's saturday at 6:30 on abc2 news. governor o'malley speaking out about the union negotiations or lack there of going on in wisconsin. wisconsin governor scott walker wants to strip the unions of bargaining rights. protesters have been in the state house for weeks. o'malley spoke out and said walker is taking advantage of a bad situation. >> this is about union bashing and eliminating the unions and
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taking advantage of the crisis of joblessness in the country in order destroy public employee unions. i don't think it is the way to get things done. >> both sides need to compromise and walker needs to change his tactics. we have been working to bring you money-saving tips every night at 6:00. tonight we are finding you great deals on-the-go. >> what i i'm harnessing now is focus. >> a doctor weighs in on the charlie sheen interview everybody is talking about. there could be a solution to those stinking stink bugs. alright, so we have $10.
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>> i expose people to magic. i expose them to something they'll never otherwise see in their boring lives. i may forget them tomorrow but they'll live with their memory for the rest of their lives. charlie sheen who was here in baltimore in 1989 has gotten your attention. a lot of you are saying enough is enough. let's bring in abc2 news roosevelt leftwich with more on what's behind this banter.
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>> reporter: what's behind this is an angry charlie sheen. he says he is out of a job and out of money. he earned this money, too. he will admit he's made a few mistakes. what he won't admit is that he changed he is life. charlie sheen on his sometimes wild lifestyle. >> i was banging seven gram rocks. that's how i roll. >> reporter: charlie sheen on going into rehab. >> to my best knowledge, no. >> no drugs in the house? >> i find them i'll throw them away. no big deal. >> reporter: charlie sheen on being charlie sheen. >> i am on a drug it is called charlie sheen. >> reporter: whatever is going on in charlie sheen's life now is controversial and public. sheen's struggles with drug and alcohol abuse has been legendary. his latest struggle has cost him his job on two and a half
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men. >> sorry if i offended you. i thought after you wailing on me for eight years i could take a few shots back. i didn't know you'd punish everybody in the process. >> reporter: if anything he's showing a side of himself that his doctor's voicing concern that his history of drug and alcohol abuse may be about something more. >> in terms of self-attitude patients can be grandiose. patients are moderate or milder forms of hyper mania feel invincible. >> reporter: sheen is living a wild life, a lifestyle that makes perfectly good sense to him. >> i'm not interested in what people believe. i'm interested in what i believe. i believe in the truth. >> reporter: you can watch the interview with charlie sheen tonight at 10:00 on a special edition of 20/20. >> in the old days we called it
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having your bell rung. we were the first nation in the town to warn you about -- station in this town to warn your about the concussions with kids. there is no real law to police how they are handled. tonight we'll talk about the latest news in the nfl that could trickle down to our kids. we'll hear on the changes coming for the pros and how the issue is being tackled in annapolis this week. >> there are certain questions that we should all be asking whether it is the nfl or whether it is a local high school. >> so tonight at 11:00 we'll have the latest in the debate that's hard to wrap our heads around. in the meantime, check out all the researchers we have posted on the concussion page we have had running on our website since november. it is they were supposed to be don't after the first freeze. these stinking stink bugs seem to be everywhere. last year we asked how to get
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rid of them. we were told there is no cure. now there may be. scientist with the u.s. department of agriculture say wasp. they are being raised in quarantine in delaware. once released we are told they could destroy up to 80% of the stink bug population. scientist say the wasp don't appear to attack each other. that's beneficial. they hope to be able to release the wasp in 2013. what? 45 degrees right now. winds southwest at 3. light breeze.
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beautiful day today. lots of blue skies. just gorgeous weather. lights breeze. sunshine everywhere. performing arts school outside of andrews air force base in annapolis. naval academy looking good. little muddy out there. no snow on the ground. temperatures 45 baltimore. 41 dulles. winds have been light through the day. just a little bit of a breeze that will pick up tomorrow night as the winds shift northerly. in the meantime we'll warm up tomorrow. right now highs have been around close to 50. not quite getting there. tomorrow we'll improve those numbers. take you through ann arundel county. shady side 62 tomorrow. forest hill 58.
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perryman 58 degrees with lots of sunshine. satellite and radar clear up and down the east coast. hardly a cloud in the sky. high pressure in control right now. that's going to keep us high and dry next couple of days. secondary shot of cooler air will work in tomorrow. cooler shotoff shore. second one comes in tomorrow night. mild day ahead of the next cool front. future cast showing nothing through the day tomorrow. dry front comes in overnight tomorrow night. cooler thursday. still lots of sun around here. then as we go into thursday afternoon mostly cloudy skies. i think the chance for wet weather, as you see this is not even what you call a developing storm, just cloud cover blowing outs of the west, that's not going to be of a big consequence. the next chance for rain is holding off until saturday night into sunday. overnight 32. clear and cold. light breeze. tomorrow you'll need the sunglasses. sunshine all day long.
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i think we'll get close to 60. places south of baltimore get to 60 or highier. tomorrow night the cooler air moves in. that's going to mean overnight low toward day break around 27. that's going to be a cooler scenario overnight tomorrow night after a mild day. this front comes through dry. no precipitation with it. temperatures bounce back. check out the seven-day forecast. let's take it in detail here. near 60 tomorrow. thursday we are talking 42 or so. a cooler day there. dry and sunny. temperatures bounce back nicely on friday with lots of sunshine. saturday back up close to 60. mild day there. the next chance for rain holding off until late saturday evening. sunday looks wet. keep that in mind. enjoy the next several sunny days. march coming in on a nice note here.
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are you enjoying your ipad time? >> ready to go get soft drinks at chuckie cheese. >> don't forget to check out our weather app. let's look quickly. nice, clear night out there all across the east coast. if you have a flight out in the eastern u.s. or a train trip you are looking great. temperatures in the low 40s. this day we have coming tomorrow is good stuff. close to 60 by 4:00. i would not get out there and enjoy the sun or fresh air. i would stay home and keep your nose in the computer. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00. world news is next.
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